David Werner's Bright Idea

David Werner on MotorCycle

By: Sean Lahman, Democrat and Chronicle, Nov 13, 2013

Story Highlights:
- HelStar helps make motorcyclists visible to others to prevent crashes.
- Average of 4,250 motorcyclists are killed in accidents in the U.S. each year.
- David Werner and David Zima patent a system that includes 23 separate technologies.


Denver Accident Lawyers Examine New Helmet Brake Light

This article is a reprint with permission from Metier Law Firm Blog in Denver, CO, Dated December 2012

Like most drivers involved in motorcycle accidents, David Werner did not see the motorcycle in front of him until it was nearly too late.
“The motorcycle brake light was low and small, I didn’t see it, and the rider happened to be wearing a jacket and a helmet that was the same color as [the van in front of him],” Werner said. “So he was almost invisible to me, and I said, ‘Why doesn’t he have a brake light on the back of his motorcycle helmet?’”


Helmet brake light would make motorcyclists more visible

Third Eye Design Inc Prototype Helmets

By Kate O'Connell, WXXI

Introducing HelSTAR, the helmet for visibility

An upstate company has developed a system for motorcycle helmets that could also have applications for both defense and sport.

A system of sensors alerts riders when the helmet has sustained damage that might not be visible, but could compromise safety. The sensor system is part of a prototype helmet designed to make motorcyclists more visible, and safer.


Local Man Develops Technology for Motorcycle Helmet Safety Lights

By: Cristina Domingues
11/04/2013 YNN on Time Warner Cable

In 2001, David Werner was in traffic, when he says he almost crashed into the back of the motorcyclist stopped in front of him.

"I couldn't see him and I couldn't see his taillight," said Werner.

That's when the idea for HelSTAR was born. Werner, an IT guy from Pittsford, teamed up with an engineer in Florida and spent a good part of the last decade creating its technology.